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Pilates. Mind Control. Think you can’t do Pilates? Think again…

The ability to move freely is something you tend to take for granted. Until, of course, it becomes restricted. At which point you feel like kicking yourself—though the thought of a jerky movement like that will probably fill you with dread. If only you’d realised there was something you could have been doing all along that would have reduced the chances of injuring yourself.

Pilates. It’s been around for nearly 100 years and its main focus is on reinforcing the importance of the mind in controlling all body movements. Pilates will help train you to use the right muscles for each motion, which will help improve the strength and stability of your body.

Core strength. That’s the key. Pilates is about working to strengthen the core muscles that keep your spine, pelvis and hips stable, which in turn allows you to move with control and balance. What’s more, Pilates can improve breathing patterns, posture, flexibility and mobility. And, as if that wasn’t enough, Pilates is one of the safest forms of exercise available. Just about anyone can do it, regardless of age or fitness level.

And there’s more than one type! Clinical Pilates targets individual problem areas through focussed rehab and injury prevention. Reformer Pilates uses machines to create different levels of resistance and provide additional support. Finally, there’s Mat Pilates—the fun group workouts on mats that most people are familiar with.

So don’t end up kicking yourself. If you’d like to know more about what Pilates can do for you, get in touch with Relinque Sports and Spinal Group today on 03 9499 9644.