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Short-term pain requires long-term changes

Because we want you to be a well being

Relief. It’s flooding through your body as the pain disappears. As little as half an hour ago, you were so sore you couldn’t move, and now you feel like you could leap for joy.

But now the pain’s gone, what are you going to do differently? If the answer’s ‘nothing’ then we’ll try and keep an emergency appointment slot open for your next visit. Why? Because many of the injuries we manage are caused by poor posture or overuse. Pain is our body’s way of telling us it doesn’t like what we’re doing. So if we truly want to keep well, we have to change our habits and behaviours. If we don’t, guess what—the pain can return.

At Relinque Sports and Spinal Group, we understand that pain is best managed over the long-term. It needs to be treated with therapy but accompanied by changes to lifestyle like sleep, diet and exercise.

We discuss ongoing wellbeing with our patients all the time. That’s because we don’t just want to fix your pain temporarily, we want to fix it for good. And that means helping you to understand the causes and working with you to find solutions that prevent it from happening again.

As your movement improves, the therapy becomes less intensive and more focused on exercise and lifestyle factors. Because we want you to find a way to always be in tip-top shape.

So if you want to be pain free for the long-term, call us now on 03 9499 9644.