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When you push just that little bit too hard

Injury is indiscriminate. It targets athletes of all levels, from those whose marathon is a jog across the road, to those who run the real thing. Though planning, training and warm-ups reduce the risk, a sports injury can still wreak havoc on anyone, at any time. Whether it’s muscular or impact related, that injury can set-back your progress, ruin your season, or even end your career.

At Relinque Sports and Spinal Group, we are actively involved in the treatment and rehabilitation of a number of state and national grade athletes, as well as many casual sportsmen and women who pushed just that little bit too hard, just that little bit too soon.

Sports injuries occur when your body is under excessive strain or force. That kind of stress can come from an explosion out of the blocks, but also from incorrect biomechanics, poor posture or previous injuries that can all affect your technique. Think about your car. When a wheel is securely bolted, inflated and balanced, the ride is smooth. When it’s not, the ride is bumpy and inefficient, and places more strain on the rest of the vehicle.

At Relinque, we have a comprehensive understanding of performance needs, biomechanics and the injuries that occur in a wide range of sports. Our aim is to release tension and restriction in the myofascial system, and increase the range of movement in your joints.

We assess you thoroughly to work out the right strengthening, conditioning and rehabilitation techniques to get you moving smoothly again, making your body’s performance more efficient. And as the body becomes stronger, it can handle increased load and strain.

If you’ve suffered a sporting injury, call Relinque Sports and Spinal Group on 03 9499 9644. We want to help you come back stronger than ever.