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Why seeing an Osteopath will help adolescents!

Osteopathy has a variety of benefits, particularly for adolescents who engage in sports and test their bodies to the limit. Those activities can have a profound effect on a musculoskeletal system that’s still developing and growing. Factors ranging from poor posture to ordinary bumps, scrapes and falls can affect bones, muscles, joints and ligaments in the short and long term, if they’re not addressed early enough.

What are common symptoms of teenagers?

Symptoms of some problems may start to become apparent when children are toddlers, while others may not surface until a child reaches their teens, but whether it’s a serious condition like the ‘S’ or ‘C’ shape of the spine that accompanies scoliosis, or neck pain associated with too much time spent on computers and mobile devices, there’s plenty an Osteopath can do to help.

It is during these teen years that most of your child’s growing take place.  Their body undergoes considerable stress during growth spurts, placing a lot of stress on their bones and myofascial system. Bones are still relatively weak during these years and the muscles are trying to strengthen and catch up to support their longer and heavier frames.  It is for these reasons that teens are more susceptible to overuse injuries and particular care must be taken to managing these injuries and training load correctly.

How can osteopaths help common symptoms in teenagers?

Osteopathy is a natural, hands-on and non-invasive treatment method that can be tailored to each teenager and their specific complaint. Treatment by a fully trained Osteopath can help teenagers who’ve sprained or torn a muscle, have recurring headaches, or experience back pain from heavy book bags and backpacks, not to mention any pain from repetitive or intensive training for sports like tennis, rowing, swimming or gymnastics. Treatments for teens who are having trouble sleeping, difficulties with mobility such as falling and stumbling, or are suffering from pelvic pain after a fall, are also equally effective. 

Adolescents are especially sensitive to peer pressure at this stage of their development and any physical complaint, complication or injury will make them feel different. This can have an impact on their ability to socialise. An Osteopath who treats teens understands this, and is also aware of the extent to which adolescents are concerned with body image. As a result, they provide a safe environment where adolescents can relax and be treated through their clothing to preserve privacy and dignity.

If you want to aid your child’s development during this important growth period, call Relinque Sports and Spinal Group on 03 9499 9644.