Dr Jess Loughnan

Senior Osteopath & Pilates Instructor

After graduating university Jess had the brilliant opportunity to take her skills to two clinics in India where she practiced alongside other Australian osteopaths. Here she focused a lot on gait and posture which she still holds an interest in today. When she came back to Australia she was mentored by two very brilliant structural osteopaths, which has influenced her treatment style today. She went to London to work as an osteopath, unfortunately only briefly due to covid but in that time further practiced in gait assessment using a treadmill and monitoring equipment to help assess and treat our patients. Today she’s bringing together everything she has learned across her osteopathic journey to help patients on a personal level; no two bodies are the same which keeps my day ever changing and interesting.

What is your favourite food?
My favourite food is chocolate; its a cliche but it really is that good.

What is your favourite holiday destination?
My favourite holiday destination has to be the beach, all troubles melt away when you’re in the ocean. My favourite beach in Victoria is Wilsons Promontory.

What’s your go to Netflix series?
My favourite Netflix series is Schitt’s Creek and BoJack Horesman

Whats the best piece of advice some has given you?
The best piece of advice someone has given me is if it scares you, it means you should probably do it.

What do you do on a day off outside of osteopathy?
On my day off you will find me catching up with friends and family, exercising, cooking and eating. I’ve recently discovered Ottolenghi and he has changed my world of cooking.

Favourite book?
My favourite book that I have ever read is A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara. It’s so heartbreaking and so beautifully written.