Clinical Pilates to relieve neck pain

Clinical Pilates to relieve neck pain

If you’re suffering neck pain, clinical Pilates could be right for you. Clinical Pilates relieves neck pain by improving postural alignment, developing your core strength and teaching you to let go of unnecessary tension. Let’s look at it in more detail.

What causes neck pain?

A lot of neck pain is caused by poor posture and a lack of movement. If you work hunching over your desk with your head forward, you can fatigue and strain the muscles in your neck.

A stressful work environment, or just feeling stressed in general can also cause neck pain. Many people hold tension in their neck and shoulders which prevents the muscles from relaxing.

Clinical Pilates relieves neck pain by improving posture

Your head weighs about 5 kilograms. Holding that weight up against gravity requires strong muscles and good postural alignment above your spine.

Clinical Pilates relieves neck pain by strengthening and correctly positioning your postural muscles, so they work more efficiently.

A range of targeted Pilates exercises can improve your muscle endurance, while also training good postural habits that will help prevent future strain and injury.

Clinical Pilates strengthens muscles that support the neck

Neck pain is about more than just your neck. To properly support your neck, you need a combination of flexibility and strength in your shoulders, upper back and abdominal core.

Clinical Pilates relieves neck pain by strengthening these core muscles. This takes the burden off your neck and alleviates neck strain and pain.

Clinical Pilates relieves neck tension and stress by improving the muscle-mind connection.

We can hold tension and stress in neck muscles even when they are not in use. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves, and our muscles, to ‘let go’.

Clinical Pilates uses controlled breathing to focus the mind on muscle movements. This increased muscle-mind awareness can help you notice and switch off neck muscles that are overactive, allowing you to move more freely and without pain.

As a bonus, the calm, deep breathing patterns of clinical Pilates provide an active meditation that can clear your mind after a busy day. So you can use your Pilates class to stay stress free.

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Clinical Pilates relieves neck pain by training good posture, increasing your strength and flexibility, and helping you let go of tension.

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