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Relinque Sports and Spinal Group offers quality care for migraines to local residents in Ivanhoe & surrounding areas including Eaglemont, Northcote, Kew, Alphington, Heidelberg & Fairfield.

Migraine is a common neurological disorder that is experienced by 15% of the population at some stage throughout their life. It can be very distressing and is often associated with an aura. An aura is a symptom that can vary from nausea, vomiting, change in vision as well as increased sensitivity to light and sound.

A migraine is usually characterised by a one sided throbbing headache that is severe in nature and aggravated by movement and activity. It can last anywhere from 4 to 72 hours if untreated.

What Causes Migraine?

The causes of migraine are not well understood however it does seem that genetics and environmental factors play a role.

Imbalances in brain chemistry occur during a migraine including a drop in serotonin levels.

Migraines involve the activation of the pain-producing innervation, or nerve supply, of the cranial blood vessels.

What factors can trigger a migraine:

  • hormonal changes in women
  • foods and food additives
  • alcohol
  • stress
  • changes in daily routine and environment
  • medications

How Osteopathy can help Migraine

  • Prolonged muscle tightness in the neck and shoulders may cause restrictions in the surrounding joints affecting the muscles and nerves, leading to pain. Osteopathic treatment can assist to release tight tissues and joints providing better mobility and function to the affected area giving a positive outcome of decreased pain and prevention of muscle spasms.
  • Tightness and restriction in the muscles and joints can affect and decrease the movement of fluids through the circulatory and lymphatic system. This leads to poor circulation and waste removal causing poor oxygen delivery to the brain. Osteopathic treatment can assist in restoring the circulation and aid in removing the build up of wastes in the tissues.
  • Osteopathic treatment can help reduce the inflammation in and around tissues and blood vessels to assist in calming the area and decrease the pain and sensitivity associated with migraine.
  • An Osteopath can help you access and recognise the factors that trigger your migraine and help you change some lifestyle habits that may be contributing to the onset of your migraine.
  • Your migraine treatment focuses on relieving tension in the muscles of the neck and shoulders, as well as around the base of the skull and the jaw. These areas impact migraine by directly affecting blood flow and the sensitivity of nerves inside your head.

The most important part of any any injury is getting the correct diagnosis. As the leading and most experienced provider of OsteopathyPilates & Remedial Massage in Ivanhoe, we have been successfully treating migraines for over 20 years.

We follow a treatment process that has been developed and refined over the past 20 years to ensure you receive the best treatment option at the right stage of your recovery.

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