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Tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) is a painful inflammatory condition of the tendons on the lateral aspect of the elbow. It is caused by the pull of the muscles, which extend the wrist and fingers. The lateral epicondyle is the bony prominence on the outside of the elbow, and is the site of attachment for the extensor tendons.

What causes Tennis elbow?

Tennis elbow is caused by a repetitive strain and overuse of the wrist extensors leading to degeneration and inflammation of the affected tendons. It occurs in activities where the person is required to do excessive and/or constant gripping or squeezing of the wrist. This injury can occur in activities such as racquet sports, hockey, swimming – as well as repetitive work tasks undertaken in a variety of occupations.

It can also occur when there is a lack of strength or flexibility in the forearm and shoulder muscles. This lack of strength combined with poor technique during sporting activities can lead to a pulling of the tendons causing pain and inflammation.

What are the symptoms of Tennis elbow?

  • Tenderness on the outside of the elbow
  • Dull ache at the elbow when at rest
  • Pain when performing gripping tasks or resisted wrist/finger extension
  • Weak grip strength
  • Symptoms worsened with forearm activity
  • Pain when stretching the forearm muscles

Can Osteopathy help Tennis elbow?

Osteopathic treatment can greatly assist in reducing the pain of tennis elbow by:

  • soft tissue techniques to loosen the muscles in the forearm and surrounding areas that are contributing to the symptoms and pain
  • settle the inflammation and pain in the direct area of the affected tendons
  • access and treat the shoulder, neck and upper back to ensure correct posture, biomechanics and function
  • provide information on how to look after the injury and provide a list of exercises and stretches that will assist in recovery
  • dry needling to the forearm and elbow

The most important part of any any injury is getting the correct diagnosis. As the leading and most experienced provider of OsteopathyPilates & Remedial Massage in Ivanhoe, we have been successfully treating tennis elbow for over 20 years.

We follow a treatment process that has been developed and refined over the past 20 years to ensure you receive the best treatment option at the right stage of your recovery.

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