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Relinque Sports and Spinal Group offers quality care for TMJ pain to local residents in Ivanhoe & surrounding areas including Eaglemont, Northcote, Kew, Alphington, Heidelberg & Fairfield.

The Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) acts like a sliding hinge, connecting your jawbone to your skull. You have one joint on each side of your jaw.

Symptoms of TMJ disorders

  • pain in the face, jaw, ear or inside the mouth
  • pain in the muscles that control jaw movement
  • headache
  • toothache
  • locking of the jaw and pain with opening and closing jaw
  • clicking of the jaw
  • trigeminal neuralgia

What are the causes of TMJ pain?

  • clenching or grinding of teeth
  • stress
  • misalignment of teeth
  • poor posture
  • arthritis

How Osteopathy can help TMJ pain

Osteopathic treatment can be very effective in relieving TMJ pain. To relieve your TMJ pain your Osteopath will:

  • use soft tissue techniques to loosen and release tight muscles connecting to the jaw that may be causing tension and pain
  • treat any movement restrictions of the jaw and assist to restore the correct movement and biomechanics to the TMJ
  • correct poor posture of the neck and upper back that may be leading to tightness and joint restriction in the muscles and joints surrounding and indirectly affecting the jaw
  • provide advice on stretches and exercises that may assist in alleviating pain and prevent a reoccurrence of symptoms

The most important part of any any injury is getting the correct diagnosis. As the leading and most experienced provider of OsteopathyPilates & Remedial Massage in Ivanhoe, we have been successfully treating TMJ pain for over 20 years.

We follow a treatment process that has been developed and refined over the past 20 years to ensure you receive the best treatment option at the right stage of your recovery.

Click here for a comprehensive outline of our treatment process and how we can help treat and manage your TMJ pain.

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