Lower Back Pain Treatment near Lower Plenty

Lower back pain is one of the most common health problems faced, with up to 80% of people affected at some point in their lives. There are a number of causes of lower back pain, from muscle strains to severe arthritic conditions.

At Relinque Sports & Spinal, we have been treating lower back pain for residents of Lower Plenty and surrounding communities for over 20 years.

What Causes Low Back Pain?

There are several causes of lower back pain, with the three most common being sprain injuries, arthritis (degenerative joint changes), and nerve irritation including sciatica.

1. Spine Strain or Strain Injuries

Musculoskeletal strain or sprain is the most common cause of lower back pain, which accounts for up to 99% of lower back pain injuries.

Strain injuries are distinguished by discomfort localised to one side of the spine. This discomfort may also be referred into your upper thighs and/or hips.

The level of pain can range from mild to severe depending on the specific injury and the muscles in your back. Movement may be restricted, which can cause symptoms to increase.

Common causes of lumbar strain injuries include overuse, poor posture and trauma. Stretching the muscles, tendons or ligaments in your lower back can result in small tears, causing pain and discomfort.

2. Arthritis and Degenerative Joint Changes

Degenerative joint changes and arthritis are not as common as strain injuries, but is always a consideration by our team for anyone over the age of 40 presenting with back pain.

The symptoms of arthritic and degenerative changes vary depending on the specific person. Arthritic changes may present as strain injuries during the early stages of progression. Joint degeneration is a natural progression that occurs with age.

3. Nerve Irritation and Sciatic Pain

Nerves of the spine can be irritated by pressure along their path, from the nerve endings in muscles and skin to their roots at the spine. Two of the most common nerve irritation causes are disc herniation and bony encroachment.

Disc herniation or disc bulge

Disc herniation may press on the nerve, resulting in pain felt in the hip and leg. It is most often caused by degeneration of the discs in the spine or trauma, with the end result being the soft portion of the disc pushing through the outer ring onto the nerve.

Disc herniation may be preceded by a history of back pain, but it can also occur following a trauma. It commonly presents as an aching lower back and pain in the hip and down one leg. This leg and foot may also experience associated numbness or tingling.

The pain will often increase in certain positions, such as bending or prolonged sitting.

Bony encroachment

Bony encroachment is when the movement or growth of the lumbar vertebrae reduces the space for the nerves and spinal cord. If the lumbar spinal nerves are compressed, it can result in sciatic pain radiating down the leg.

How Do Osteopaths Treat Lower Back Pain?

When you have an injury, it is vital to get a correct diagnosis. At Relinque Sport & Spinal, we have been treating lower back pain for over 20 years. Over this time, we have developed and refined our processes to ensure that you are receiving the appropriate treatment method for your specific situation.

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How Long Will Your Back Pain Last?

As the majority of back pain is caused by strain or sprain injuries, recovery may take as little as 2-3 weeks with an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. However, with chronic and more complex issues, treatment may last longer. The exact length will depend on the complexity of the issues and the treatment plan that is most appropriate.

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