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What is remedial massage?

This massage incorporates a combination of therapeutic, acupressure and advanced massage techniques. A deeper and more intense massage that focuses on specific areas of built up tension within the body. It encourages and supports you body’s own healing ability, relieving muscular tension and fatigue.

Remedial massage aims to assess and treat the connective tissues of the body, assisting with rehabilitation, pain and injury management.

How Does Remedial Massage Help?

Remedial massage may alleviate pain for a patient suffering from a range of conditions, and promotes general wellbeing.  Remedial massage has a range of benefits including but not limited to reducing muscle tension, improving motion, promoting steady breathing, relieving stress by promoting relaxation, improving blood circulation, enhancing health of skin, reducing pain and anxiety and increasing the mind- body connection.

Remedial massage at Relinque Sports & Spinal Group may be helpful if you suffer from any of the following:

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