Myotherapy vs. Remedial Massage

Myotherapy vs. Remedial Massage

Myotherapy vs. Remedial Massage

What is the difference between them?

Many individuals who could benefit from treatment are often confused by the difference between myotherapy and remedial massage. Both are effective at treating a number of similar conditions, but a Myotherapist uses a much broader spectrum of therapeutic massage techniques and treatments.
Myotherapy vs. Remedial Massage

A Myotherapist is highly trained and has extensive knowledge of anatomy; after having completed a Bachelor’s degree at University for 2-4 years. This provides them with the expertise to select the right type of therapy for a range of conditions. Massage is just one of the available treatments that they can use to relieve pain, help heal injuries and rehabilitate musculoskeletal conditions. It can also help issues relating to ligaments, muscles, nerves and tendons.

Typically, to treat existing problems and aid in the prevention of future injuries, a Myotherapist may use a combination of treatment methods including massage, specific exercises, cupping, dry needling, Kinesiology taping, acupuncture and even rehabilitative exercises. Depending upon the patient and the nature of the problem, strength training or highly specific techniques may also be used.

Myotherapists must be registered with a nationally recognised association such as Myotherapy Association Australia or Australian Natural Therapists Association. Myotherapists often work closely with other health care practitioners to assess and treat muscles, joints and nerves; whereas remedial massage works on relieving muscular tension using hands-on treatment. Remedial massage works on easing the deeper layers of the muscle and the connective tissues to aid in the healing and rehabilitation process of an injury; often by using their hands.

A Myotherapist may employ full-body, remedial massage for areas of the body affected by chronic conditions. This technique utilises firm strokes for healing and rejuvenation, and enhances the body’s own healing abilities.

Remedial massage is more commonly used to treat non-specific injuries such as muscle tightness or soreness, to provide people with some form of relief, whereas Myotherapy identifies the underlying cause of the injury to aid in the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries.

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