Treatment For Jaw Pain

Jaw pain. It’s so common that it even has a name: TMJD, or temporomandibular joint dysfunction. ANZAOMS, the Australian and New Zealand Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, claims that about four people in every 10 will shows signs of it at some point in their lives.

Symptoms of jaw pain

It is also extremely uncomfortable. According to Healthdirect, a national government-owned not-for-profit organisation, the symptoms include:

  • discomfort or pain in the jaw—especially when eating
  • aching pain in front of the ear, which may spread across the face
  • locking of the jaw, which may make it difficult to open or close your mouth
  • a clicking or grating noise when you open your mouth or chew
  • an uncomfortable or uneven bite.

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) connects your jaw to your skull. Problems around the area can be caused by dental issues, osteoarthritis, stress, disease—such as rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia or gout—or even an injury.

Osteopathic treatment of jaw pain

At Relinque Sports and Spinal Group, our osteopaths can help to manage the musculoskeletal causes of jaw pain. To counter it, we use a technique called cranial osteopathy, a gentle treatment that balances the movements of the bones, muscles and ligaments.

As part of our treatment, we look at the positions of the two bones that make up your jaw joint, check for any dysfunction of the muscles of the throat, and check the vertebra in your neck or spine. We also look for any disfunction in the way your upper body muscles and joints are moving and observe the way the rest of your body moves, in case this is the root cause of your pain.

There really is no need to just grit your teeth and accept life with jaw pain. Pick up the phone and call Relinque Sports and Spinal Group on 03 9499 9644 to book an appointment with one of our osteopaths.