Pilates for weight loss

Pilates for weight loss

Did you know that Pilates can help you to burn fat, tone up, and lose weight? Here are some great reasons to include Pilates in your exercise regime to help weight loss.

Pilates builds strength and tones muscles

Pilates is ideal for building muscle tone and strength, especially around your core. This core muscle strength supports all your body movements and makes exercise easier and more efficient. Good core strength can alleviate back pain and help protect you from injury.

Pilates burns fat

Pilates burns fat by building lean muscle.  Muscles are hungry tissues that want to burn calories. When you add muscle mass, your body has to burn more calories to maintain that muscle tissue. This isn’t only happening while you exercise. Your muscles will burn calories even when you are sleeping.

Pilates is a great exercise for beginners and experienced athletes

Pilates is a gentle, effective, and sensible choice if you are coming to exercise from a sedentary lifestyle, or are recovering from an injury.

High intensity cardio training isn’t suitable for everyone, and there are many instances when it’s not a good idea. Instead, choosing the slower and precise movements of Pilates can help you to build strength, stamina and muscle, with a significantly reduced risk of injury. Once you have begun to build fitness through Pilates, you will find adding more exercise to your life much easier and more enjoyable.

Pilates boosts your attitude

Attitude and motivation have a lot to do with achieving your weight loss goals. Pilates can boost your mood by releasing endorphins. Endorphins are the chemicals released in your brain that can give you a sense of well being and euphoria.

In fact, Joseph Pilates deliberately designed Pilates as a way to benefit the body and elevate the mind. This makes sense as your mental well-being is an essential part of your exercise regime. So, if you’re feeling sluggish and a bit down, Pilates can help you to feel better

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Pilates is an ideal choice if you want a low impact exercise routine with lots of benefits. Pilates will build strength, tone muscles, burn fat, and improve your mood.

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