Reformer Pilates Ivanhoe

Relinque Sports and Spinal Group offers reformer pilates classes to local residents in Ivanhoe & surrounding areas including Heidelberg, Fairfield, Eaglemont, Northcote & Kew.

Transform your body with Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates is a challenging group exercise class that is performed on our specialised pilates reformers. In each class you will be guided through a range of exercises which are aimed at improving your flexibility and core strength. Reformer pilates is an excellent way to sculpt and tone your body through the use of resistance exercises.

Reformer Pilates Benefits

Reformer Pilates has many benefits, including:

  • Improved core strength
  • Toned hips and thighs
  • Improved general fitness
  • Improved posture and flexibility

Is Reformer Pilates right for you?

Reformer Pilates is quite different from mat based Pilates as it is performed entirely on Pilates reformers. The reformer adds resistance to your exercises through the use of springs and weights. This results in a more intense and dynamic work out.

If you are looking to tone up while improving your flexibility and core strength, then Reformer Pilates is a great option. Why not talk to us today to find out if Reformer Pilates is a good match for you?

Book your Reformer Pilates class today

Our Reformer Pilates classes run within the school term, and progress in difficulty over the 8-11-week period. Each class runs for an hour and there is a maximum of 5 students per class.

Call 9499 9644email us, or book online here.

Relinque Sports & Spinal Group is located in central Ivanhoe at 21 Upper Heidelberg Rd.