Sports injury recovery with clinical pilates

Sports injury recovery with clinical pilates

Each year, sports injury rates spike in the cold months of May, June and July. You can help prevent a winter injury by extending your pre-workout warm up and keeping your body in condition through regular exercise.   But if you do find yourself hurt, clinical Pilates could be your best injury recovery solution.

What happens in an injury?

Injury happens when part of our body experiences excessive strain or force. The stronger your body and muscles are, the better they can handle strain and force.

We are susceptible to injury when our muscular system becomes ‘imbalanced.’ This can happen due to poor posture or repetitive physical tasks. Often a repetitive physical task strengthens specific muscles needed for the action, but leaves nearby muscles weaker in comparison. This un-balanced muscle strength can make you vulnerable to injury when you later perform a different task that requires use of the weaker muscles.

Clinical Pilates is a powerful rehabilitation system to strengthen and ‘re-balance’ the muscular system.

How Clinical Pilates helps injury recovery.

Clinical Pilates allows you to target and strengthen weaker muscles in a safe, low-impact manner. Being low-impact, Pilates does not cause excessive strain to your joints and won’t aggravate inflammation and overuse syndromes.

Clinical Pilates is highly customisable. Your Pilates specialist will create an individually tailored program that is specific to your needs. This allows for personalised injury rehabilitation. Clinical Pilates specialists are qualified health professionals. So you can be assured they are trained to guide an injured body through the stages of recovery.

Your clinical Pilates program will include a series of targeted exercises that aim to reduce pain and minimise the risk of re-aggravation. A variety of movements and equipment aids are available to provide you with a personalised program for recovery.

Is Clinical Pilates suitable for you?

Clinical Pilates has seen significant growth in popularity over recent years and for good reason. It is suitable for everyone and ideal as part of a cross-training exercise approach. Whether you are recovering from injury or just want to improve your fitness, Clinical Pilates provides an excellent, safe and controlled environment for achieving your goals.

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