Why is clinical pilates great for lower back pain?

Why is clinical pilates great for lower back pain?

If you are experiencing lower back pain, you’ll know how hard it can be to get your life back into a normal state. Lower back pain affects people of all ages and fitness levels. It can affect your whole day and make everyday tasks like walking the dog or going to the shops a painful experience.

Clinical pilates is great for lower back pain. Whether your pain is from a sports injury or from simply sitting at a desk for too long each day, clinical pilates can help to reduce the pain and get you moving again.

What is clinical pilates?

Clinical pilates is a form of pilates that focuses on core strength, posture and flexibility. Rather than running as a generic exercise class, clinical pilates is facilitated by an Osteopath or fully qualified pilates instructor and a program is created especially for you. Depending on your needs, your program may involve a combination of mat, reformer and equipment based pilates. Your program is also monitored and adjusted regularly to take into account any specific challenges that you may encounter. The goal of Clinical Pilates is to help you activate the specific muscles in your body that will help to return you to your optimum physical state.

Why is clinical pilates good for lower back pain?

Clinical pilates is great for lower back pain as it specifically targets key muscles in order to safely improve your strength, posture and flexibility. The more these muscles are strengthened, the less pressure and strain is placed on the lower back.

Improved movement

Many people with lower back pain experience a reduction in their muscle strength due to pain and immobility. As the pain gets worse, there is a tendency to resist certain movements and this can make the problem worse.
In helping to improve your overall movement, clinical pilates helps you avoid unnecessary tightness and stiffness which can exacerbate back pain. By deeply stabilising core muscles in the abdomen and hips, clinical pilates improves your coordination and flexibility, and helps you avoid long periods of immobility and pain.

Improved mental health

Lower back pain can contribute to feelings of anxiety, depression and isolation. Clinical pilates can help to relieve these symptoms by keeping you moving and providing clear and achievable goals towards your recovery. Many people see the benefits of clinical pilates very quickly and are amazed at how much better they feel over a short period of time.
Another great benefit is that exercise releases endorphins which produce that feel-good sensation. Regular exercise gives you more energy, enhances your ability to focus, and helps you sleep better at night.

Improved stability

Improved stability is another way that clinical pilates helps people with lower back pain. As you exercise your hips, shoulders and core, you begin to strengthen the muscles that support your lower back. This helps you to take the pressure off injured joints and overused muscles, and allows you to get on with the tasks you enjoy.

What’s next?

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