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Massage can help you maintain peak performance & reduce athletic injuries

World-class athletes know how much therapeutic massage helps the body to heal after an injury. It’s highly effective at restoring proper motion and relieving pain, and helps prevent the same injury from happening again. Sports massage is also relaxing but it shouldn’t be confused with a massage at a local spa—it’s actually a highly specialised technique.

Sports massage isn’t just for recovering from traumatic injuries. It’s beneficial for those who work out regularly, participate in competitions, run, cycle, or just engage in sports for recreation. The sessions relieve aches, pains, swelling and inflammation, and improve the circulation of blood—which aids healing.

As a therapy, sports massage helps both elite and amateur athletes recover. Even among professional athletes who train regularly, delayed onset muscle soreness is common, and it can also occur when anyone engages in exercises or activities they don’t normally perform. The resulting pain, soreness and stiffness doesn’t appear immediately but sets in several hours, or even days, later.

Sports massage can help improve performance too. It can allow athletes to train longer, harder and with more intensity. One of the major benefits is its ability to remove toxins from the body that inhibit health and performance. And, as circulation improves and more oxygen-rich blood is carried through the body, it accelerates recovery time. 

The use of sports massage also helps to prevent the kind of injuries that can occur during overuse and repetitive movements, or from poor technique; such as tennis elbowback painAchilles tendonitisrunning injuries and sports injuries. When people exercise or train, muscles sustain small tears. Massage breaks down the scar tissue that forms and helps increase mobility and flexibility. 

Sports massage is a very specific type of therapy that was designed for competition athletes and those who participate in professional sports, but they aren’t the only ones who can reap the benefits. It is available to anyone who wants to train without pain, treat injuries, or improve their overall performance.

If you haven’t ever thought about having a sports massage, our team at Relinque recommends you book an appointment before your next sporting event!  Call 03 9499 9644 now!